Salanova red lettuce coconut cones for your smart vertical garden


This lettuce belongs to the 90's, in which the natural crossing between two other varieties gave rise to Salanova, one of the most beautiful lettuces and with the highest number of leaves (triple that of other varieties)


  • Salanova is extremely easy to grow
  • Its uniform appearance and deep red color makes it the ideal candidate for any dish and boombi
  • It is delicious!

Salanova Red Lettuce

Conos de coco
  • Plant cycle:

    Germinates in: 0 - 1 week

    Holds up to: 8 weeks

    Ideal temperature: 18 °C – 30 °C

    Season: Winter - Spring



    • Once germinated, the plant should be placed within 1-2 days in the boombi smart garden.
    • The plant is harvested suddenly after about 6-8 weeks.

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