Tuscan Kale coconut cones for your smart vertical garden!


Also known as "Dinosaur Kale ", this variety is characterized by having a firmer texture than its sister Curly Kale . It is very rich in potassium, calcium and vitamin C.


  • Kale is easy to grow in boombi
  • Consumed fresh, it goes well in salad and dehydrated in the oven, it gets a similar texture to potato chips. Sautéed in olive oil and flavored with garlic, lemon, chili and sea salt.
  • Your own superfood grown a few meters from you

Tuscan Kale

  • Plant cycle:

    • Germinates in: 0 - 1 week
    • Holds up to: 8 weeks
    • Ideal temperature: 18 ° C – 30 ° C


    • Once germinated, the plant should be placed within 1-2 days in the boombi smart garden.
    • You can prune the plant and it will continue to grow. After 8-12 weeks, harvest the plant completely and replace with a new one.

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