Oregano Cone

Oregano Cone


Fresh Oregano vertically grown. Harvested and served the same day, still with the roots.

This plant from the mint family has become a staple of Mediterranean cuisine. It has also been used as a medicinal remedy for millennia. Among its long list of properties we find: iron, fiber, vitamins E and K, manganese, calcium and omega fatty acids.

All these properties make it a powerful antibacterial, it helps to treat gastrointestinal problems, menstrual and muscle pain, toothache, ear and head pain, bronchitis and fatigue among others.

Each cone contains 1 plant

Our fresh oregano:

  • It is grown in Barcelona, a few km from you
  • It comes in a carton pack and waterproofing made of PLA (corn starch)
  • It is truly sustainable vertical farming
  • Pesticide free
  • A couple of ideas

    If when you hear "oregano" you see it dry sprinkled on top of the pizza ... you have a lot to learn. Keep reading!

    • Add fresh leaves to the salad. Easy and great. Its robust but warm flavor combines wonderfully with tomato.
    • Baked aubergines stuffed with vegetables and tofu with fresh oregano. Add the oregano sprigs just at the end of cooking.
    • Grilled, broiled, or roasted chicken, as you prefer. No matter how you cook it, the oregano will only add to it. Chop it in a stew or add it to the oven on a twig.


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