Basil Cone

Basil Cone


Living Genovese Basil from groots. Harvested and served the same day, still with the roots.

Did you know that the Ocimum Basilicumes (commonly known as Basil) is a member of the Mentha family?

Each cone contains 1 plant

Our basil:

  • It is grown in Barcelona, a few km from you
  • Goes in cardboard packaging and waterproofing of PLA (corn starch)
  • It is truly sustainable vertical agriculture
  • Pesticide free
  • A Couple Ideas

    Basil is the perfect aromatic to complement any dish. We give you a couple of ideas:

    • Pesto. Easy and delicious. Mix basil groots, oil, pine nuts and parmesan and you have the classic homemade Italian sauce. It keeps very well, so you can keep it in the fridge for several weeks.
    • Complementary to pizza, pasta and salads. It brings a unique flavor and aroma to your usual dishes. A couple of leaves are enough.
    • Basil mojitos. The classic renewed cocktail. Basil gives it a sweet taste that tastes great. Try it!


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