Genovesa Basil coconut cones for your smart vertical garden


The aromatic par excellence. It gives off an unmistakable aroma and flavor perfect for pasta, salads and pizza (even cocktails!). Not only that, it also contains antiviral and anti-inflammatory essential oils.


  • Basil is easy to grow
  • Its aroma will serve to give a unique touch to your dishes and to aromatize the environment
  • A classic of Italian cuisine a few meters from you. Freshness is key! Bella è buona


Conos de coco
  • Plant cycle:

    Germinates in: 1-2 week

    Holds up to: 12 weeks

    Ideal temperature: 22 °C – 30 °C


    • Once germinated, the plant must be placed within 3-5 days in the boombi smart garden.
    • You can prune the plant and it will continue to grow. After 8-12 weeks, harvest the plant completely and replace with a new one.

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