Our tips on how to create your own vegetable garden at home. Change the way you produce your food.

Updated: Jul 1

Home gardening goes beyond just growing your own vegetables, we give you the perfect reasons to start your own urban garden at home.

If you were waiting for a signal to set up your own urban garden, here it is!

In this post we will give you even more reasons to start growing your own vegetables from now on. We begin by pointing out that growing a vegetable garden at home involves many factors that have a positive impact on society, the economy, the environment and on health. For example, did you know that traditional agriculture occupies 70% of the fresh water consumed worldwide, or that conventional agricultural practices contribute to 73% of the world' s deforestation?

Growing your own vegetables provides freedom both in choosing the type of food you want to eat and how you grow it. We imagine that you have heard the expression " there is no place to eat like home", because this is exactly what is achieved with the self-sufficiency of vegetables. Since you can control first-hand factors such as: the type of fertilizer you use, amount of light, water, etc. You can achieve optimal crop yields. In addition, it promotes the consumption of healthy food and sustainable economy with no big repercussion on your pocket. If you want to join the green revolution, keep reading. Here we explain four types of home gardening and provide you with tips on how to create an urban vegetable garden.

First things first, why start growing an urban garden at home?

Among many other reasons, we would like to stress that gardening at home has social and economic benefits as well as multiple advantages over conventional agriculture. For starters, it reduces significantly the use of plastic bags or packaging. It also provides the following benefits and advantages:

  • Water efficiency: there is no need to use high volumes of water. There is a better control of water as the soil is usually held in closed containers, which prevents water seepage.

  • Km 0: once the product is harvested, there is no need to ship it, which keeps the CO2 footprint to a minimum, straight from your garden to the table!

  • Pesticide-free: another advantage of growing your own garden at home is that the plants are free of pesticides. In case of pests, you can use alternative ways to address them.

  • Promotes healthy habits: likewise, what is harvested at home is fresh and promotes healthy practices, food and nutrition awareness.