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Our revolutionary growing technology at your fingertips. Effortless. Fully automated. Fully sustainable.

With boombi you can have your own smart garden at home without having to worry about anything at all.
Turn it on and start cultivating.

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Grow your favorite plants like a pro and make them look pretty with boombi, the  smart vertical garden

Enjoy fresh, healthy and sustainably grown products in your home without worries. Introduce the coconut cones of the plant varieties that you like the most and start growing!

What comes home with your boombi:

  • A boombi of the color of your choice with capacity for 4 plants

  • A germinator for the first growth phase of your plants

  • Coconut cones with seeds already inserted - ready to sprout!

  • Nutrients in 1 liter bottle to feed your plants

  • Assembles in 5 minutes! - Includes all necessary tools and assembly instructions


Inspired by the same principles that we use in our vertical farm

We've brought the efficiency of an entire industry to your home garden, so you can grow at home like the pros, with hardly any effort.



Germinate your capsules by adding water



Transplant the budding plants to boombi



Pour in water and our customized nutrients





How it works

4 simple steps to your own harvest



This provides space for the system but it also giveso plants room to grow. Many other gardening systems pack as many plants as possible, limiting their individual growth potential.


Automated irrigation

The irrigation system is fully automated , and if you're going on vacation, the 5-liter tank asures you don't have to ask your neighbor to water your plants for about two weeks .

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Horticultural LED

Boombi utilizes powerful high-performance Horticulture LEDs, ensuring that yout plants are exposed to the correct spectrum for optimal photosynthesis and plant health.


Dishwasher safe

When it's time to clean your system, it's as simple as throwing the components in the dishwasher. Since we use ABS in the construiccion of all boombi parts, it makes of it a strong and durable product.


boombi App

The boombi App allows you to remotely control the device, schedule personalized working hours, follow the growth process, buy new products and contact directly with Groots farmers.

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Indoor or outdoor

If you want to have your vertical garden indoors, our modular light fixture will really get your plants growing indoors with the same proven technology we use on our vertical farm.


Our coconut fiber cones

We avoid the use of land thanks to our growing medium composed of coconut fiber and peat, which allows us to create perfect growing conditions

The coconut cone is a growing medium that allows water to be conserved for long periods of time and that the roots grow in a healthy way inside the boombi.

It is composed of 90% coconut fiber and 10% peat, so it is totally compostable and free of chemicals


Germination guarantee

Everything should be fine, but nature can always surprise us. If your plants do not germinate, we will replace them.