Vertical farming for a sustainable future

para un futuro sostenible

our mission

We have the possibility to revolutionize the way in which we grow, transport and consume our food. We want to help make this change possible.

our history

In 2018, our interest in systems that efficiently use our resources led us to discover hydroponics. A methodology that allowed plants to grow without soil, only with water and nutrients. We grow our first hydroponic lettuces and mustards in a flat in London.


From that moment we knew that something was not working in our current food system. This interest grew to the point that we left our respective works to venture into this project.

We built our first small 15 m2 farm near Barcelona. Now, we are opening a 20 times bigger one. A year later, we are proud of what we are building, a solution for the planet and for people.

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La familia ha ido creciendo y ya somos más de diez en el equipo.   Diez personas apasionadas por este proyecto y sobretodo por todos los valores que este proyecto representa. Trabajando día a día para revolucionar la manera en la que cultivamos, transportamos y consumimos nuestros alimentos.

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If you like what we do and you want to change the way we grow our food, we want to meet you. Discover our open positions, or send us your CV to talent@groots.eco and explain to us why you think you are a grooter!

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