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If you were waiting for a signal to set up your own urban garden, here it is!

Growing your own vegetables provides freedom both in choosing the type of food you want to eat and how you grow it. We imagine that you have heard the expression " there is no place to eat like home", because this is exactly what is achieved with the self-sufficiency of vegetables.

First things first, why start growing an urban garden at home?
There are many social and economic benefits and advantages to growing a vegetable garden at home compared to conventional agriculture. For starters, it significantly reduces the use of plastic bags or packaging and provides the following benefits and advantages:

  • Water saving

  • Km 0

  • No pesticides

  • Promotes healthy practices

  • Fosters ties with the community

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Our revolutionary growing technology at your fingertips.
Effortless. Fully automated. Fully sustainable.

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