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Our revolutionary growing technology at your fingertips. Effortless. Fully automated. Fully sustainable.

no soil

Worry once a month


Fully automated

Our smart gardens

Your favorite plants a few meters from your kitchen

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Inspired by the same principles we use on our vertical farm

We have transferred the efficiency of an entire industry to your home smart garden, so that you grow your own food at home like a professional farmer.


Germinate your capsules


Add water and nutrients


Plug it in



How it works

4 simple steps to your own harvest

What do you want to grow?

Discover our coconut cones with incorporated seed. Ready to start growing.

Our coconut cones

We avoid the use of land thanks to our growing medium composed of coconut fiber and peat, which allows us to create perfect growing conditions

The coconut cone is a growing medium that allows water to be conserved for long periods of time and allows the roots to grow healthily inside the boombi

It is composed of 90% coconut fiber and 10% peat, so it is totally compostable and chemical free

Germination guarantee

Everything should be fine, but nature can always surprise us. If your plants do not germinate, we will replace them.

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